Welcome to an incredible camp experience.....
The EESHAY way.

First Session...............June 27 - July 21
Second Session.........July 25 - August 18

Eeshay Classic Per Session
Eeshay Classic Whole Summer
Eeshay Everything Per Session
Eeshay Everything Whole Summer

Registration Guidelines:

Please complete Registration Form below.
(The Registration Fee is included in Camp Tuition)

All Payments must be submitted before camp begins.

Campers will not be allowed entry unless they are paid in full.

Payments can be made in two ways.

Payment options:
1) Pay through Zelle. Payments can be sent to [email protected]
2) Pay via ACH (electronic check) or Credit Card- click HERE
Please note- paying with a credit card will incur a 3% service fee.

Please email your son’s medical record to [email protected] by June 20th.
**Please write your son’s name in the subject line**
Your son will not be admitted to camp if the medical form has not been submitted.

Registration will be complete AFTER $250 registration payment and medical forms are submitted.

Thank You!
Camp Eeshay